Real Estate Software > Requirements

The software is installed online on the actual server that hosts your website, which can be a dedicated server, shared server or virtual server.

  • Linux Server with disk space 500 MB + with adequate bandwidth
  • PHP – Your web server must have PHP 4.2 or better
  • MySQL 3.23.23 or better
  • Zend Optimizer for enhancing the performance of PHP applications
  • ImageMagick or GD2 (PHP module) for high-quality thumbnails producing.
  • Cron Job Editor for receiving email alerts.
  • phpMyAdmin – It is a tool to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web.

Annual hosting package along with installation and setup is free with the purchase of any of our software.

If you’re not sure whether your web server meets the listed requirements, contact us for assistance.

Real Estate Software > Features


  • Search house/property for purchase or rent by minimum price, maximum price, categories, location, zip and keywords.
  • Filter search results.
  • View all house/property by a specific seller.
  • Make an offer
  • View home loan offers, articles etc.
  • Quick buyer registration using email and password.
  • New Account Notification – an email message is sent to them as auto responder with username and password.
  • Retrieve passwords by automated email.
  • Update profile at any time.
  • Submit query to any seller/property dealer with one click.
  • Add house/property to Inbox for later viewing.
  • Email a specific house/property to a friend.
  • Print a specific house/property details
  • Newsletter – Subscribe or Unsubscribe to opt-in mail list.
  • Option to receive newsletter in html or text
  • Add, Edit, Activate or Delete house/property Search Agent. House/property alerts will automatically send house/property that match user specified criteria via email daily.
  • Search property dealers.
  • View property dealer directory

Seller (Individual / Dealer)

  • Register and sign-up online for memberships, house/property posting packages or featured listings.
  • Upload house/property details.
  • Upload unlimited photos of properties.
  • Add Featured house/property prominently.
  • Quick property dealer registration using email and password.
  • Register as a private seller for single/one time posting.
  • Option of including company profile and logo.
  • New Account Notification – an email message is sent to them as auto responder with username and password.
  • Retrieve passwords by automated email.
  • Update profile at any time.
  • House/property Manager Inbox – Option to save and delete vehicles/autos.
  • Add, edit and delete house/property from their accounts.
  • Activate or deactivate house/property.
  • View list of active, expired & deleted house/property listings.
  • The preview posting option allows you to validate a house/property posting to check for improper input, misspellings, or unacceptable content before the listing goes “live”.
  • View house/property listing statistics, order history and activity report.
  • View number of clickthroughs and enquiries house/property listing has received.
  • Auto-response email to a posting.
  • Automatically receive automated emails notifying of expiring membership to renew online.
  • Newsletter – Subscribe or Unsubscribe to opt-in mail list.
  • Option to receive newsletter in html or text.
  • Make Flyers and printable Signs.
  • Add in property dealer directory


  • Admin has full control over global site configurations.
  • Add / edit / delete house/property listings, property dealers, sellers, buyers and categories.
  • Access to property dealer, buyer and seller control panel.
  • Site administrators have control over what is displayed in nearly all dropdown lists and list boxes throughout the site i.e.: “Functions”, “Countries”, “Search Categories”, “location”,” price” etc.
  • Search property dealers, buyers and sellers on the basis of Keyword, name, Email-address, Country, category etc.
  • Newsletter – broadcast emails to property dealers, buyers and sellers that signed up for the mailing list.
  • Set up multiple flat-fee memberships for property dealers, buyers and sellers with varying prices, time periods and access levels or number of units available (ie: 10 house/property postings). Products can also be given away in “demo mode” or free membership.
  • Apply restrictions on classified posting, house/property search, contact info, and company profile.
  • Ability to change the number of days house/property postings will run and the number of days for featured listing etc..
  • Send an invoice to a company.
  • Manage featured property dealers showcase.
  • View reports on all Activity Reports such as buyer and seller new accounts, house/property, number of emails sent out by buyers and sellers click throughs, enquiries, category searches, keyword searches, location searches etc.
  • View reports on total system sales, house/property, buyers, sellers, accounting and order history data, invoices sent out on monthly/yearly basis.
  • Site statistics on total visitors, unique visitors, page views, hits, page referrals and more.
  • Admin has the option of printing full list of property dealers, buyers and sellers in the database along with their contact information.
  • Admin has the ability to export nearly all account information for property dealers, buyers and sellers.
  • The database backup facility.
  • Banner management application – you can use to serve and track banner ads on your site.
  • RSS Feed – An RSS feed is an XML file containing the latest auto/vehicle advertisements. This XML file can be used by other websites or applications to syndicate or track advertisements without the need of visiting the website
  • Post Articles.
  • File manager to edit any internal page.
  • Send email.
  • Word censor and block IP Address.
  • Setup multiple admin with file access privileges.
  • Ready email templates for auto/vehicle alert, property dealer registration, buyer’s registration etc.
  • Add payment modules or integrate with payment gateway.
  • Add/edit title and Meta tags across the website.

Real Estate Software

Run your own free or commercial real estate classifieds service like!

You can launch real estate/property classifieds websites for specific country, niche category, regional or a property dealer website. Our real estate classified software is customized to each client’s requirements.

There is an only one-time fee per software for any number of property dealers, properties, buyers or sellers. It also includes free custom homepage design, setup, hosting and training support as required by the customer.


  • Each site customized to specific client requirement
  • Save time as very advanced features already built in
  • Free Installation & payment gateway setup
  • Free customized homepage samples and web design support
  • Make money by charging members to list on your site, by posting ads/banners or using Google AdSense
  • Free Annual hosting & setup

Key Features

  • Home buyers and renters can browse properties
  • Post property details for listings
  • Separate control panel for property dealers
  • Billing System for Admin
  • Advanced Property Search
  • Property Alerts by email
  • Newsletter Module
  • Ad/Banner Management
  • Detailed Reports

We have considerable experience in designing, development & management of high quality property/real-estate classifieds websites. Our software is easy to use, completely automated and requires no technical skills to administer.

Mail us at for additional information on auto classifieds software or click here to fill our service request form.

Auto/Car Classifieds > Customizing

We provide customized software products and services to our clients. In all our software products the clients get a custom homepage based on the design guidelines they have sent us. Also most of the categories, country defaults or content etc can be changed from admin control panel. The clients can also host the site in their own servers.

We begin every project with a thorough understanding of your requirements. Our aim is to establish long-term customer relationships based on trust and a commitment to produce the best in custom web applications.

It is our endeavor to develop and handover the site exactly as per the specifications and to the satisfaction of client.

Contact us for more information or a quote.
Find out how affordable our solutions can be!

Auto/Car Classifieds > Featured Clients

We have completed over 100 projects successfully and several on behalf of our strategic partners from across the globe on outsourcing basis.

Our list of projects is extensive and we have developed solutions for clients based worldwide including U.S.A, E.U, U.A.E, Mauritius, South Africa, Australia and India.


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Car marketing website.