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Recruitment Software

Recruitment sector is in the process of rapid change. All recruitment related business processes are being automating online. Mobile Apps, Online Software’s, Cloud computing and social media has totally changed the w

Job Board Software Admin 21 July 2019

CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to strategy and technology that companies use to manage and analyze leads, sales and customer data. 

Benefit of implementing CRM in a company is that it provides

CRM Software Admin 21 July 2019

Benefits of Customer Support Software

Customer support software enables a company to create and manage customer queries through a centralized database

Companies can track incidents from the moment they are created until they are resolved online.

Helpdesk Software Admin 21 July 2019

Helpdesk Features

Customer Support refers to the practice, strategy and technology that an enterprise can adopt to manage customer interactions quickly and efficiently with the goal of improving customer relationship

Using Support

Helpdesk Software Admin 21 July 2019

Features of Customer Support Software

For providing efficient customer support, companies use customer support software like www.supportcrm.com.It has modules like helpdesk, ticketing system, contact management etc for providing exceptional customer service to

Helpdesk Software Admin 21 July 2019