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Generate Authentication for a Laravel 5.3 Web Application

In this tutorial we are going to generate an authentication system to register and log users in using Laravel 5.3. We will use a SQLite database for persistence in our application.

Generating the application

You must have Laravel 5.3 installed. Laravel depends on PHP >= 5.4, MySQL, Composer and a few PHP extensions. If you do not have Laravel on your computer, check out the install docs. In this post we will cover setting up a Laravel 5.3 web application. Run these commands in the terminal to generate the application:

This will launch a web server in your browser. You can view it on localhost:8000 in the browser.

If you have issues getting Laravel setup feel free to create a github issue here and we can try to help. Stack Overflow and the Laracasts forums are other great resources.

Adding Authentication

We want users to be able to login to our application. Users need a name, email and password. We are not going to cover or include social authentication in our app. To generate Login and Register functionality run the below command: