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Bobby Bouwmann:

In recent years, Laracasts has become a no.1 resource for learning Laravel. Also, there’s a really active discussion forum on the website, so we decided to chat with one of the most active members there. Bobby Bouwmann has almost 1000 “Best Reply” awards on the forum, which is a huge number. So what is it like to be so active on Laracasts? Let’s find out.

1. Let’s get straight to the point: what drives you to be so active on Laracasts forum? You’ve written a ton of answers and helped a lot of people. Is that the main reason?

Straight to the point huh! Well I like to help others in general. When I started with developing I watched videos from PHPAcademy, which is now CodeCourse. Those videos taught me how to program and how to build an application from scratch. I wanted to be like Alex, the creator of CodeCourse. He was inspiring to me and a good teacher. Later on I found tutorials from Jeffrey on TutsPlus, which helped me as well. When I found out he was starting Laracasts with a forum I was instantly triggered to help out others using all I learned the last few years.