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Features of Customer Support Software

For providing efficient customer support, companies use customer support software like www.supportcrm.com.It has modules like helpdesk, ticketing system, contact management etc for providing exceptional customer service to clients.

Some of the features of the customer support software are listed below:

Ticketing system
Ticketing system is a tool or software to support any issues/incidents in the company. It manages the issue from the moment they’re received through to their resolution

Customer support software should be able to take the queries or complaints from any source: web forms, Facebook, Twitter, online chat,
email or phone.

Social Support
The customer support software must integrate with social sites like Facebook and Twitter and automatically takes each comment and convert it into a ticket. The response of the agents goes directly to the source channel.

Online Chat
The customer support software should be able to integrate with live chat module that is implemented on the website. It is useful tool to provide immediate support to clients.

The customer support software takes comments from visitors from contact form and manages them in an efficient and centralized manner.

Build the help website that your clients require, publish web resources (videos, tutorials, manuals, technical specifications, pdf, pages) that your clients can use anywhere and anytime, have the online help software. It will reduce investment in support personnel and allow you to provide better customer service. In addition, your internal team may also use internal resources that will allow them to provide a better service to the client.

Centralized Information
Agents and supervisors can have a comprehensive database of all communications with customers, in a single efficient and dashboard

Call Center
The support software should be able to store complaints from call center that are received by phone calls. The history and activity of a client can be visualized to provide a response to a query or incident.

Tasks and calendar
Scheduling of reminders, notes or alarms in a convenient calendar can be done with the customer support software.

Contact Management
Support software should be able to store database of all companies and contacts like CRM software Customer support software provides constant access to complete customer information and interactions which help a company to provide exceptional customer service to clients.