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Customer Support refers to the practice, strategy and technology that an enterprise can adopt to manage customer interactions quickly and efficiently with the goal of improving customer relationship

Using SupportCRM.com Support software, companies can scale up and streamline customer service, reduce response time, inform about products, lower support cost and increase customer satisfaction

Main features of SupportCRM.com software are:

Ticketing System
Ticketing system collects all customer support requests from various sources and manages them in one location. It allows customer to submit tickets, provide feedback and communicate with service agents

Knowledge base
Knowledge base is a repository of articles which provide information on product or service. Articles can include guides, frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), help files, file downloads or video tutorials

Contact Management
Contact Management is a centralized database of all of agents, customers, accounts information. It include basics such as name, address, phone,location and email address with advance search feature

Customer Portal
A front end page in company website for a customer to submit tickets, view tickets, close tickets, provide feedback etc. Viewers can also browse and save articles from the knowledge base section

Service Dashboard
Monitor your most important customer service related metrics in a Dashboard UI.It presents a view of ticket status, knowledge base articles, customer and agent data and customer service performance

Service Level Agreement deals with service contract with customers. It is shown in Ticketing system and displays due By time for each ticket and whether target time have been exceeded

Role Management
Admin can add agents and supervisors in the software settings and assign them roles and departments. Each Role has a set of permissions that can be checked or unchecked and approved

Reports and Analytics
Admin can view customer service metrics and get a clear view of agents performance, customer satisfaction etc. The analysis and reports enables a company to make informed and intelligent decisions

Admin Control Panel
Admin panel is used to manage the back end of the software. Admin can add/edit roles, category, ticket status agent info, products etc from settings. Admin can also view detailed reports on Tickets and knowledge base

Developer API’s allow easy connection of SupportCRM software with other systems, software’s and mobile applications. RESTful architecture allow application to communicate with one another

Content Management System allows admin to create, publish and edit content on the website from admin control panel. Admin can add menu, categories, sub-categories, pages and posts with SEO features

Email and Notifications
Ability for customer service agents to communicate via email and email conversations are automatically tracked in ticket. Admin can assign outgoing email id, E-Mail Signature box and provide default email templates

Customer can create and submit a ticket, contact company about information on products and resolve thier Queries. It also enable customers to solve problems on their own by viewing FAQ’s and articles in knowledge base

Agents and Supervisors
Agents and Supervisors provide support to customers. They analyze and respond to each ticket and change its status from Open to Resolved. They can also post articles and FAQ’s on website knowledge base section