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What is customer support?

Customer support is a service provided by a company to interact with customers and resolve their needs, queries, complaints or issues.

Customer support work is carried out by employee of the company who provides advice and solutions to customer, which results in customer satisfaction.

Customer support department is responsible for the relationship, listening, and understanding of requests, doubts, complaints, and grievances made by the customer regarding contractual services or products received.

Communication with the customers can be via email, call center, website contact forms, and social media like facebook, twitter etc.

All customer service practices need to focus on a deep knowledge of product and customer expectations in order to meet them in order to ensure their loyalty.

Customers mobilize both emotions and reasons, so the customer service, in addition to the technical aspects, must take both the aspects into account. Communication, listening, diversity recognition, body language, eye contact are some of the key aspects of a customer support personal.

Customer support should be facilitated with more formal communication including simple and concise messages in which expressions and words are key elements.

When the company offers technical support, there are three points that should always be ensured:

  • Immediate attention
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency

For managed and efficient customer support, company can use customer support software like www.supportcrm.com, helpdesk, ticketing software etc.

SupportCRM.com can help a company to solve customer issues. It can be a tool for interacting with customers, providing guidance to ensure the proper use of a product or service and solve complaints.

Companies are now beginning to realize the importance of customer support. The work of all employees of the organization should be directed in one direction i.e focusing on the client as a center. A robust Customer support department is a competitive advantage for any company. And excellent customer satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of any company.