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Laravel is a free open-source web application framework written in PHP. It was designed to make developing web applications easier than ever before. It is built on top of the Symphony framework and uses the MVC design pattern.

Created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, Laravel creates web applications using Symfony under the Model- View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravel’s source code is hosted in GitHub with an MIT license.

Benefits of Laravel Framework

Laravel is extremely fast. It's not just faster than Symfony, it's also faster than any other PHP framework out there. Laravel makes heavy use of caching and opcode caches to speed things up even further.

Highly customizable
Laravel gives developers complete control over how their code looks and feels. You can customize everything about your app, including its name, layout, and colours.

Laravel is extensible. You can extend it to add functionality to your app like a Job Board Software without having to rewrite anything. If you need to change something later, you can simply override the original class.

Laravel comes with many powerful features. It includes a comprehensive ORM (object relational mapper) called Eloquent, which makes working with databases much simpler. It also includes a templating system called Blade, which lets you easily create dynamic views.

Laravel takes security seriously. It provides a number of tools to help protect your data and keep hackers at bay. These include CSRF tokens, HTTP basic authentication, and password hashing.

Laravel is tested thoroughly. It is constantly being developed and improved upon by a team of dedicated developers.

We provide Laravel Developers on hire

Our Laravel developers are skilled in PHP and have a strong understanding of the language. We have PHP Laravel developers with senior-level expertise and experience.

From interview to on boarding, we help you grow your Laravel development team in no time.

As a popular open-source PHP framework, Laravel is widely known for its simple, elegant, and expressive syntax. It aims to make the development process easier for developers without compromising the functionality of web applications.

Cost of hiring a Laravel Developer – $15 per hour or $1500 per month Or we can discuss on project basis, pl. send us your requirement

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