How to add Quiz

In our software admin and super admin has an ability to add edit and delete the quiz. And for adding a complete quiz system it is must to add Quiz then add Quiz question and its quiz reports. Before adding the quiz question and report you have to create quiz first.

For knowing the how quiz system works follow the following steps:

  • First, Login as an admin and click on the quiz menu.
  • Next, click on the New button for creating the new quiz.
  • Next, fill and submit the form field with quiz title and description and you can also add the image for quiz.
  • After adding the quiz admin can edit, view, delete and add reports for the quiz.

Now you completed the quiz creation part. Next, add the question and its answer choices for the quiz which you have created.

Add question for quiz

Now you successfully created a quiz, so next move to adding question and its choices for quiz. For adding question for quiz click on question menu you will get the list of your quizzes. So now you can add question for individual quizzes.

  • Go to question module you will get the list of quizzes. Next click on the New Question button for which quiz you want to add the quiz.
  • After click on the new question you will get the form input with question, option, and point where question field is required but for showcasing your complete quiz you have to add option as well. That means the how many option are questions have and add point respectively. You can add multiple option for the quiz.
  • Next, for viewing the list of quiz for a particular quiz click on the link total question. There you will get the list of questions for a quiz.
  • After click on the link, the list of the question will appear for a individual quiz. And admin can edit or delete the question as well.

After adding the question and their choices, next move to add the result report for quiz. Based on the score user is able to identify the status of their attempted quiz.

How to add Report for quiz based on range

  • For adding the quiz report first we have to create quiz because quiz report is based on the quiz so without having quiz we can’t create the quiz report.
  • After creating the quiz, click on the add report link. See image
  • After click on add reports link click on the New Message button.
  • Next, submit the form with range (min, max) value and add message. All fields are required and max value is always greater than the min value. So put your min, max value based on your quiz total score.

How this works?
Suppose if user submit the quiz he will get the total score if total score match with your min, max value then the message will appear based on the ranges.

Advantages of using this?
Basically for every quiz has different report scenario but the common part is score so based on the score we can easily category user report.

What if admin not adding the quiz report?

Nothing will happen only user will get the Thank you message with total score. 
5. Next go to quiz and try to submit the quiz you will get the message.
This is quiz report for AUDIT Quiz

Now see my total score and its match with the quiz reports.