Social Networking Software

The social networking software application is an ideal solution for those who want to offer social networking to visitors and ensure that the. Any number of forums, communities and users can be created in the social networking website.



  • Admin has full control over global site configurations
  • Site administrators have control over what is displayed in nearly all dropdown lists and list boxes throughout the site
  • Banner management application – you can use to serve and track banner ads on your site.
  • Add, edit or delete any member
  • Send an email/newsletter to all members
  • Database backup facility
  • Search for members
  • Limit the amount of space a member may use
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Change Home page design and layout from theme managment yourself
  • Point system to check most active users


  • Profile categorized in various sections such as general, social, contact, education, work & personal
  • Members can update profile at any time
  • View My Profile page shows a brief list of member’s recent photos, videos, friends, friend requests, blogs, messages etc
  • Search members, view complete profile, send messages, add as friend or block user
  • Privacy settings – Profile page and photo can be viewed by all, nobody or only by friends
  • Upload icon or photo that will be viewable to others as member’s face in profile
  • Customizable profile fields from admin control panel
  • Member can view their/other profile by a unique profile id like Facebook

Search People & Make Friends

  • Create, customize and view self-profile with photo
  • Advance people search, display result and view other people’s profile
  • Send request message to other member – add as friend
  • View new member – friend request/profile and Accept/Decline as friend
  • View people who have recently viewed your profile
  • Members can maintain a list of friends
  • An image indicates whether the member is currently online
  • Member name/photo is clickable to open their profile
  • Add comments in other members or own guest book

Groups & Forum

  • Members can create new groups or forums
  • Members can join existing group or forums
  • Email message is sent to group owner and new member
  • Take part in threaded discussions in forum
  • Forum can be categorized in groups
  • Search groups, messages and forum
  • Display list of members in a group
  • Group owner can approve/delete group, members and posts
  • Post photos in forum
  • Add opinion poll

Privacy Settings

  • Each member has a private/public profile
  • Privacy Settings i.e. detailed profile page can be viewed by all or only by friends
  • Members can set their, blog posts, photos, videos, and entire site to be viewable only by friends or only to themselves.
  • Block users
  • Privacy & Terms of use page
  • A member can set/change his data display/profile in the website, using privacy settings
  • If a member sets his privacy setting to public, then any other member searching his profile will find the member


  • Create/edit/delete unlimited Blogs
  • Members can add posts and stories
  • Blogs added in categories
  • Ability to attach img to the post
  • List popular Blogs
  • Update notification
  • Visitors to your site can leave comments on individual Blogs
  • Spam protection
  • Admin can enable or disable comment
  • Blogs can be book marked

User Registration

  • Quick registration using email and password
  • New Account Notification – an email message is sent to new member as an auto responder with username and password
  • Retrieve passwords by automated email
  • Members can login
  • Member can view their/other profile by a unique profile id like Facebook
  • Capcha feature enable to block spam


  • View unlimited ads in classifieds categorized according to categories and location
  • Multi-level category system, with unlimited number of categories and sub-categories
  • Categories are cars & vehicles, real estate, property for rent, jobs, pets, items for sale, tickets, services, and personals etc.
  • Display brief description and view full ads on clicking for – more
  • Post classifieds and send replies


  • Members can send messages to friends via internal ‘Message’ system
  • View message in “inbox” and reply/compose messages
  • Members can store their messages in a folders – inbox, sent & trash
  • Members can “block” other members to stop receiving their messages
  • New mails notification.

Bookmarking Module Like Digg

  • Create a social bookmarking site like Digg
  • Members can vote on stories of interest
  • Articles that receive enough votes will appear on the homepage
  • Users can submit, vote & comment on articles
  • Registered members are in control of the website’s content

Question & Answer

  • Ask questions on any topic, get answers from members
  • Post answers
  • Members can also categorise and rate answers
  • Multi-level category system

Comments, Rating, Tagging & Sharing

  • Members can post comments to blog posts, photos, videos, or other users
  • Members can also tag photos and rate blogs & answers
  • Share profile and data with others

Rewards And Point System

  • Whenever a member posts in a group, forum, message, poll, photo, video, Blog, Question in Q&A or answers to a question in Q&A, Classified – then they will get points
  • These points can be changed by admin and can be different for modules
  • Admin can view the points of members and reward active members

Theme Design & Layout

  • Change the look and feel of the home page & site through theme management system
  • Fully customizable CSS-based design & layout
  • Add /edit /delete themes through theme management
  • Switch to a different looking website with a single click It makes designing and updating the site very easy

Auto Responders

  • Based on the interaction with the member several emails are sent automatically from the site
  • Example When a user registers in site, when a question is added in QnA section, an answer is added in any question in QnA section, a mail will be sent to the member.

Twitter Type Activity (Set User Status)

  • Members can set their current status in profile page.
  • For Example (I am busy now). Any other member can view the present status and come to know what you are doing right now.


  • Members can add an event.
  • Event owner and admin can edit / delete events.
  • If a member wants to attend the event he/she can add their name to event list.


  • Live chat interaction in secure enviornment.
  • Member’s can chat with any of their friends who are online.
  • Ability to support multiple member chat.


  • Members can upload an unlimited number of photos to their page
  • Members can create any number of albums to store their photos
  • Members can post photos in forums
  • Viewers can browse/search the photo gallery

Search Engine Optimization

  • Pages can be indexed by all major search engines
  • Title, Meta tags can be added across the site or any page
  • SEO friendly URL’s are generated by CMS

Video / Audio

  • Members can upload an unlimited number of videos to their page from
  • Add the URL to share and it will display the video thumbnail like
  • Viewers can browse/search the video gallery

Opinion Poll

  • Add web surveys, voting or opinion polls
  • Integrate opinion poll as stand alone or in groups
  • Create single and multiple-page online surveys containing radio buttons, check boxes
  • Powerful reporting capabilities

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