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Software’s Article

What is CRM software?

CRM is stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is the strategy for managing a company’s relationship and interactions with its customers and prospective customers.
The goal of CRM software is improving the customer service or assisting customer retention, using analytics and increasing sales.

  • CRM often involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize service, sales and marketing functions of the company.
  • Resolve customer complaints, track leads, close opportunities, and automate sales process and present complete view of your customers’ life cycle.
  • CRM software consolidates customer information into a single database, so companies can more easily access and manage sales and marketing.


CRM software provides following features:

  • CRM Dashboard
    In this dashboard, you can view entire sales funnel, reports, lead status, customers, sales, users, map etc on a interactive graphical dashboard on monthly/yearly basis.
  • Contact Management
    This management helps you to maintain your contacts, leads, accounts, customers, phone numbers, emails etc in a centralized place.
  • Web to Lead
    This feature is used to directly collect and capture the lead from your websites- contact us page and add into CRM Software in leads management’s module.
  • Database Management
    This is used to manage your contact, leads, accounts, customers, phone numbers, emails etc in a centralized place.
  • Accounts Management
    This features provides you to View and manage your accounts such as company information, contacts, phone numbers, emails etc in a centralized place and view sales information.
  • Leads Management
    This is used to capture leads from various sources like website, web to lead form, CSV, mobile, contacts, email and easily categorize them as per lead status.
  • Deals Management
    In this you can view sales pipeline and online status of leads in their respective stage like customer lost, customer won, leads, negotiation, proposal, prospects in a drag and drop format.
  • Customers Managements
    In this, this management provide you to view and manage your customer’s database such as contacts, phone numbers, emails etc.
  • Sales Management
    This feature provide View Company sales- monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, view sales target vs achievement. It helps in sales automation, sales force management and analysis.
  • Forecast Management
    This feature provides View details of sales vs forecast, percentage quota achieved, top achievers, amount in pipeline etc. It helps the organization to achieve the sales targets efficiently.
  • Reports and Analytics
    In this you can View customers, deals, leads, sales, pipeline, forecast, sales by users, map on a- day/week/month, reports online. It helps in business process management, i.e. to discover, analyze, improve and automate sales process.
  • Notifications
    This features get alerts when web to lead form is filled, appointment, lead generated or any other activity, also receive email alerts based various CRM module activation like form submission, daily report etc.
  • Newsletter
    Launch an email marketing campaign and send email newsletters to customers, accounts, leads etc and track the mail response.
  • Mail
    This is an internal messaging system to send emails to customers, accounts, and leads etc via CRM Software.
  • Document Management
    In this you can upload, track, manage and store documents. In this product literature, presentations and other sales and marketing documents can be stored online and shared with prospects.
  • Product Management
    In this you can add products and view the sales related data of the product at all stages of the sales cycle.
  • Invoice Management
    In this features, you can create and send invoices, add product information, pricing, discount, delivery charges etc. Also save invoice as PDF file, send invoice by email to prospects and view Reports.
  • User Management
    This features enables admin or sales manager to control user access and on board and disable users from using the CRM Software. It can also be used as sales management module to manage sales staff.
  • Admin Control Panel
    CRM provides this functionality where dashboard of all company related settings like add/edit/delete users, view analytics, add API settings, send newsletter, view reports, change logo, CSS and do any other administrative function.
  • File Manager
    CRM provides File Manager functionality such as it provides a user interface to manage files. Admin can upload files such as product literature, brochure, documents, PDF etc, and these files can be viewed by users and used for sales and marketing purpose.
  • Calendar
    CRM software provides setup appointment using Online Calendar and use it as a scheduling application that lets sales staff to keep track of events, appointments, meetings etc.
  • Facebook CRM
    CRM software provides complete integration with Facebook Ads. It is easy to setup and automates the lead generation process.

What is Job Board Software?

Job Board software is a web-based application which is built on PHP/MySQL or Linux platform, and enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional advanced job board or job sites. It provides end-to-end solutions for the recruitment industry. It can be used in setting up Job sites for regional Job site, general Job site and for specific countries. It has the most advanced features like advance job search, job alert, Applicant Tracking, a premium membership that results in better response for job seeker.

Benefits of Job Board:

Job board provides benefits to all three stakeholders, i.e. Job seekers, employers and administration.
1. Job Seekers:
When candidates are actively searching for their next job and they want to be able to set the ideal criteria, Then, Ejobsites software offers a system with advanced functionality to enables candidate’s to set specific filters like job searches with keywords, by location, by job categories, by company, experience, by recently posted jobs or by Zip code.
2. Employers:
Ejobsitessoftware offers end-to-end solution to recruitment business or employers which can reduce the administrative burden streamline processes and speed up their capability to deliver with accuracy and speed. Functionality provided by Ejobsitessoftware as follows:

  • Manage the registration and accounts for all colleagues involved in recruiting.
  • It allows companies to set up their own profiles and add their company logo.
  • Functionality, a system that manages job postings and adverts, gives access to resume databases.
  • It provides applicant tracking system that automates the online job application and resume tracking process.
  • It provides the ability to set up autoresponder emails.

3. Admin:
In admin site, Ejobsitesoftware is easy to use, completely automated and requires no technical skills to administer. It has the flexibility to change the look and feel of the home page and the site through its theme management system and its fully customizable CSS-based design and layout.


  • It enables career site companies to successfully achieve their objectives.
  • It is customizable to meet the specific need of particular industry or location and provides all the tools required to easily manage a profitable job board business.
  • In a short duration it has become the preferred choice for organizations, employers, recruiters, internet entrepreneurs, webmasters and consultants who wanted to add value to existing applications or create benchmark Job Board.

Features of Job Board:

Ejobsitesoftware has included many features, some features are as:

  • 1. Job Seeker: Job board has included the most advanced features like advance job search, job alert and following things that result in better response for job seeker.
  • 1.1. Search Jobs: job seeker can search jobs by location, category and company, and this provides the advanced job search with keywords, experience.
  • 1.2. Job Seeker Profile: This feature provides quick registration using email and password, new account notification, retrieve password by automated email, update profile at any time etc…
  • 1.3. Job Seeker Control Panel: Job seeker can view list of applications- jobs applied for, save Jobs- add jobs to inbox for later viewing, get automated job application response and add, edit, delete job search agent etc…
  • 1.4. Resume Management: In this, resume builder using a step-by-step resume building wizard, submit resume to any employer with one click, add multiple Resumes and add video Resume via YouTube link etc…
  • 1.5. Job Management: In this job seeker can view job detail, view job response, apply job, share job, email job to a friend, view the profile of any company and view all jobs by a specific company.
  • 1.6. Premium Job Seeker: In this feature job seeker resume will be prominently featured in search resume.
  • 1.7. Newsletter: Job seeker can subscribe or unsubscribe to opt-in mail list.
  • 2. Employer: Ejobsitesoftware has the most advanced features like advance resume search, resume alert, Applicant tracking system, premium membership, contact management that result in better hiring for companies and has included following features for employer such as:
  • 2.1. Search Resumes: This feature provide following things as:
  • 2.1.1. Search resumes by job category, rating, name, email experience, keywords and also search resume by location.
  • 2.2. Search Applicants: This feature is used to search applicant by first name, last name and using email id.
  • 2.3. Employer Report: In this employer can view job status, view total jobs posted, active jobs, expired jobs and view total applicants and selected applicants.
  • 2.4. Employer Profile: This feature provides quick employer registration using email and password, buy job postings or resume database access, Retrieve passwords by automated email and update profile at any time.
  • 2.5. Manage Users: Employer can setup multiple accounts for colleagues within company and create and manage sub-accounts.
  • 2.6. Applicant Tracking: Using this employer can view applicants, track, qualify, rate and view the hiring status of candidates, send interview request and select candidate.
  • 2.7. Recruiter Control Panel: It provides graphical display of job status and applicant pipeline and also add contact list or database of people and companies.
  • 2.8. Job Management: In this employers can post, edit, delete, import multiple jobs, activate or deactivate jobs, and view list of active jobs, expired jobs, deleted jobs etc…
  • 3. Admin: In this feature, admin has full control over global site configurations. This feature has include following things some feature are as:
  • 3.1. Dashboard: This provide the view reports of total jobseeker, featured jobseeker, recruiters, active recruiters, featured recruiters, jobs, active jobs, expired jobs, deleted jobs, featured jobs, sales etc. And view the yearly report, monthly report and latest orders. In this admin has full control over global site configuration.
  • 3.2. Recruiters: In this admin can view list of recruiters, add/edit/delete recruiters, quick disable recruiter status to inactive and sort recruiters by name, email id and company, and view recruiter details like jobs posted, control panel, list of orders.
  • 3.3. Job Seekers: Admin can view list of jobseekers, view list of paid jobseekers, add/edit/delete jobseekers, sort Recruiters by name, email id, quick disable jobseeker status to inactive and view jobseeker details from control panel.
  • 3.4. Themes: Ejobsitesoftware provide the theme management system for add/edit/delete themes and change the look of the site. In Ejobsitesoftware, eighteen themes are built-in the software with fully customizable CSS based design and layout.
  • 3.5. Mobile: Ejobsitesoftware provide Mobile/Responsive view of job board and provide six mobile themes are built in software. Admin can change theme, edit logo, edit mobile theme CSS or text. The mobile theme is built for Android and iPhone app.
  • 3.6. Setting: There are following settings included for admin such as:
  • 3.6.1. Location Management: add, edit, and delete – continent, country, zone and zip code.
  • 3.6.2. Job Type: add, edit, delete job type like full time, part time, freelance etc.
  • 3.6.3. Job Category: add, edit, delete job category.
  • 3.6.4. Job Seeker Language: add, edit, and delete language like English, French, and German etc.
  • 3.6.5. Career Level: add, edit, and delete career level.
  • 3.6.6. LinkedIn, Google and Facebook Plugin: For login using LinkedIn username and password.
  • 3.6.7. Google Captcha: add Google captcha to avoid spam.
  • 3.7. Tools: In this following features are included such as:
  • 3.7.1. Database Backup: Automatic backup of database in- .sql, .zip format.
  • 3.7.2. Restore database
  • 3.7.3. Take site backup
  • 3.7.4. Page Manager: edit text of pages like about us, advertise, FAQ, privacy statement, service, terms & conditions.
  • 3.7.5. Block IP address of spammer etc…
  • 3.8. Import Jobs: In admin can Backfill/Import jobs from and into Job Board database. And can import jobs by campaign name, publisher id, recruiter id, location, country, job type, channel, active inactive, keyword like banking, construction etc.
  • 3.9. Configuration: In this admin can edit site configuration like default site title, left box width, right box width, site owner, admin email, jobsite address, char set, job duration, change minimum values and maximum values in fields, change default image width and height and edit, enable, disable various modules in job board like Twitter, Facebook, Banner manager setting, default language etc…
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    Note: For known more about Job Board and DigitalCRM, you can visit these links:

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