Yellow Pages Software

The yellow pages software application is an ideal solution for companies who want to offer yellow pages style information to visitors and ensure that the website is frequently updated. Any number of categories and sub-categories can be created to organize the business-listing directory.

Feature List

  • Add, edit and delete unlimited categories and business listings in yellow pages
  • Quick registration using email and password
  • New Account Notification – an email message is sent to them as auto responder with username and password
  • Retrieve passwords by automated email
  • Update profile at any time
  • View list of business listings added
  • Save/bookmark business listings
  • An email notification will be sent automatically to the business listings publisher and administrator when the user submits a business listing

Yellow Pages

  • The index page lists the newest business listings, featured business listings and most viewed categories.
  • Business listings are either submitted for review or instantly published to the website
  • Multi-level category system, with unlimited number of categories and subcategories
  • Arrangement of business listings in categories
  • Built-in CMS module
  • Display brief description and view full business listings on clicking for – more
  • Printer Friendly
  • Business listings information stored, displayed & archived
  • Add logo, automatic creation of thumbnails and intermediate size image
  • Email/Tell a Friend
  • New business listing section
  • Integrated search engine
  • Viewers can sort listings
  • Sponsored listings
  • Header and footer control to seamlessly wrap your site around the yellow pages
  • Search engine friendly: include title, keywords and description for each category
  • Previous/Next Links in pages
  • Distribute yellow pages/business listings links via RSS
  • Business can add offers/discounts on products and services

Site admin panel

  • Admin can add/edit/delete business listings
  • Admin can add/edit/delete members
  • Admin can add/edit/delete unlimited categories and subcategories
  • View Detailed Statistics
  • Move full parts of the directory – subcategories and business listings
  • Send newsletters to members

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