CRM Software Features

Automate the workflow process of Lead management, Sales pipeline, Marketing and Customer acquisition giving companies
the ability to track performace and increase productivity

Contact Management

Contact Manager helps you to maintain your contacts, leads, accounts, customers, phone numbers, e-mails etc in a centralized place.

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Lead Management

Capture more leads from various sources like website, form, CSV, mobile, contacts, email and easily categorise them as per lead

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Sales Force Automation

Automate sales work flow in one platform and streamline lead-to-sale processes giving managers the ability to track performance.

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Sales Pipeline

Online status of lead in progress and their respective stage like Customer lost, Customer Won, Leads, Negotiation, Proposal, Prospects.

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CRM Dashboard

Get an updated view of your entire sales funnel, reports, lead status, customers, sales, users on a interactive graphical dashboard.

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Reports and Analytics

View customers, deals, leads, sales – day/week/month reports online and leverage it to improve your sales and marketing activities.

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