Roadmap for New Customer

The entire process from concept to completion of the project is as follows:

Send us the design guideline for developing five samples of homepage e.g. text, logo, benchmark homepage design, color combinations, favorite layout examples etc.

Compile a list of features required. It may even include any customization that is not mentioned in our feature list. Feature list would be the list of deliverables in the project.

Approve the final internal pages forms. You can suggest any modification based on your category/sector/region etc.

Send us all the static content for homepage and respective internal pages e.g. about us, company information etc.

We will develop 5 samples of proposed homepage based on your feedback. You can suggest modifications and approve the homepage.

Subsequently within next 30 days we will complete the customized web application.

Send us the web host information or avail of our free web-hosting offer by making DNS changes in your domain control panel.

It is our endeavor to develop and handover the jobsite exactly as per the specifications and to the satisfaction of client.