White Label Job Board Software

A job board is an online database where employers can post job listings, and job seekers can find information about employment opportunities.

If you're looking for something custom, check out the white label job board software options below!

White Label Recruitment Software

Recruiting is hard work. You need to keep track of applications, interviews, and offers. If you want to get started right away, we recommend using a Job Board management system. A Job Board Management System is a Self Hosted application that helps recruiters manages
their entire recruiting workflow.

White Label Job Board Software

  • There are no watermarks or links to the software vendor.
  • Fully customizable and feature custom home page functionality.
  • Designed to help recruiters streamline their hiring processes and save time.

eJobsitesoftware.comJob Board Software offers a better way to manage your online job board. Whether you need to update listings or manage your entire job board, it is an easy-to-use, vendor-compliant solution. It is designed to help you grow businesses through user-friendly modules.

It has a wide range of features, including an applicant tracking system (ATS), recruitment marketing automation, and applicant self-service. It’s important to choose job board software that meets your needs and has the features you want.

White Label Job Board Software

White label Job Board Software modules and features include:


  • Registration using email and password
  • Search jobs by Time, Keyword, location, category & company
  • Jobseeker Dashboard
  • View list of Jobs applied
  • Save Jobs
  • Apply for jobs
  • Add multiple resumes
  • Resume Builder for adding education, experience etc
  • View Job Detail
  • Apply for jobs
  • Subscribe to Job Alerts by email


  • Registration using email and password
  • Post Jobs and Search Resumes
  • View Applicants
  • Save Resumes
  • Setup multiple accounts for colleagues within the company
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Employer Dashboard with Reports
  • Graphical display of applicant pipeline
  • Search Resumes by time, job category, Rating, Name, email, experience, and keywords
  • Subscribe to Resume Alerts
  • Rate Card
  • Order Management

Admin Control Panel

  • View all job seekers, jobs, applicants, and employers
  • Search Job Seekers and Employers
  • Add/edit/delete employers and jobseekers
  • Search Jobseeker by keyword, location, email id, job category, Name etc
  • View Yearly/Monthly Reports
  • Change the look and feel of the site through theme management system
  • Setting Management
  • Add/edit/delete – Continent, Country, Zone, Zip Code
  • Banner Management to upload Banner
  • Send a newsletter to Jobseekers and Employers
  • Setup Blog and Forum
  • Setup Job Fair

The software is run by the job board owner and there are no restrictions by the software company.

Job board software is a great way to advertise jobs and find employees for your company. There are many different types of job boards out there, but they all have one thing in common – they allow companies to post their open positions online and search for qualified
candidates. You can create your own white label job board website, or use an existing platform.

eJobsitesoftware.com is one of the leading job board software that provides the software that connects companies with qualified candidates to offer jobs. Using it companies can easily post jobs across various categories and get qualified applicants matched to open positions.

We understand that creating and maintaining a job board is difficult. The white label job board software makes it easy to find the right employers and candidates and promote your company as a Job Board of choice. At eJobsitesoftware.com, we pride ourselves on providing the best software for employers to create, post, and manage their jobs online.