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Installation & Configuration
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  • SERVER: Apache 2 or NGINX.
  • RAM: 4 GB or higher.
  • PHP: 7.4.x or higher.
  • For MySQL users: 5.7.23 or higher.
  • For MariaDB users: 10.2.7 or Higher.
  • Node: 8.11.3 LTS or higher.
  • Composer: 1.6.5 or higher
Installation & Configuration
Clone Repo
  • open your terminal such as cmd, gitbash, vscode terminal etc which one you used
  • clone this project git clone paste_the_url
  • change disk project name cd cms
Setup Database and Mail Credentials
  • run command cp .env.example .env
  • setup and create database
  • open .env file and fill these value
  • APP_URL=http://cms.test
  • Add Mail credential for demo purposes. Open .env file Mailtrap and fill these values
  • MAIL_MAILER=smtp
Run Commands
  • php artisan key:generate
  • composer update
  • npm install && npm run dev
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan db:seed
Run the projects
  • run your project http://cms.test or run command php artisan serve
Default Logged User
  • superadmin email: password: password
  • admin email: password: password
  • user email: password: password
Queue worker
  • In CMS for newsletter part add/run this command for running the queue php artisan queue:work –stop-when-empty
  • User management: 3 level user hierarchy superadmin, admin, user by default you can register as user. superadmin will give the roles and permission to the user.
  • Role management: superadmin has all roles to access the application but he can gives roles and permission to the admin and user.
  • CMS module: you have a ability to create/edit/show/delete the post/category/subcategory/media/tags.
  • Page: This app provide you create/edit/show/delete page option also.
  • Theming: This app has currently two theme option company-theme, blog-theme. You can switch between theme and customize the data as according to you. Both theme have there own customization.
  • Menu: You can create your own menu link button.
  • Extra: This app provide some extra module like appointment, newsletter, calendar options.
    • For appointment section you can create an appointment.
    • Newsletter: In company theme there is a form added in footer section for subscribe newsletter. If user subscribe newsletter you can send him a newsletter to subscibed user. Note For sending the newsletter don’t forgot to run queue command php artisan queue:work –stop-when-empty.
    • calendar: this app provide a calendar options where you can see the appointment added in your calendar.
  • Reports/Dashboard
    • Reports: This app provide some reports section for your module.
    • Dashboard: Thia app provide you to some Dashboard section also with some charts design.
  • Settings
    • Superadmin can change some setting for module such as appointment, cms, general setting.
This app is made on PHP Laravel Framework and uses the laravel 8.x version.
Additional Tech Stack
  • Blade-template used for frontend page.
  • laravel-livewire
  • alpineJs
  • jquery
  • bootstrap 4.x
  • admint-lte for backend dashboard section.
  • Plan shift front-end page to interia OR react and also uses the laravel-livewire.
  • Testing cases will be added in future.
Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.
Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed.