What is CMS?

Content Management Software or CMS is web-based software for developing Dynamic Websites. It is built on PHP/MYSQL/Linux Platform that enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional website customized to your requirement.

It can be used in setting up dynamic website for your Business, Blog, Affiliate Site, Landing Page, Company and Customers.

What are the steps involved in setting up a custom Web Site?

First, finalize the domain name, send us the home page design guidelines and feature list. Subsequently we will begin the project, complete the development work and setup your website on the server.

How to install the software

We can install the software on your webhost

How can I pay?

Payment can be sent through bank or online via PayPal

What about homepage design and all internal pages?

Send us the design as psd/gif file or send us the design guideline and we will develop few samples of homepage. Guidelines include homepage text, logo, benchmark homepage design, color combinations, favorite layout examples etc. It is included in the above cost.

How much time will it take to set up my website?

Maximum 7 days.
Well, actually it depends on how soon you approve the homepage & feature list.

How can I customize the software?

Compile a list of features required. It may even include any customization that is not mentioned in our feature list. Feature list would be the list of deliverables in the project and is the most important aspect before starting the project.

Can you develop a customized version of CMS for me?

Yes, pl. send us your requirement in detail.

Can you do translation?

Yes, pl. send us the language details

What is the hosting requirement?

Any Linux web server with Apache, PHP and MySQL

Can you provide hosting?

Yes, we can provide US based web hosting.

Does the software have ecommerce and payment gateway integration?

Yes, it can be added

How do I get support?

All support related queries would be through email so that proper documentation and feedback report is maintained. You will be allocated a Project Manager.

Are there any additional fees after I purchase?


Is there a banner management tool?

Yes, you have your own banner management integrated in the software in which you can run banners or Google ads.

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