In this article, I’ll go to through a basic example of how to create a Laravel Package in Laravel with few steps:

1. Create Project

Fresh installation of the Laravel using: “composer create-project –prefer-dist lravel/laravel projectname”.

2. Make Folder For New Package

After install Laravel project, we will follow steps like:

  • Create a new folder “packages” inside main root folder.
  • Next, inside packages folder we will create another folder which will be our vendor or creator name “digital”.
  • Then inside of vendor folder we’ll create another folder with the name of our package name “calc”.
  • Lastly we need to create a “src” folder which is where the code for our package will live.

3. Create Composer File For Package

Next, for our packages we need “composer.json” file because every package should have composer.json file, which will contain dependencies and information about the package itself. So inside your terminal navigate to the folder with your package “calc” name and run the following command: “composer init”

“composer.json” file look like:

4. Loading Our Package To Main “composer.json” File

Next, we need to make our package visible to the Laravel structure, open the main “composer.json” file under the root directory and add the namespaces of our packages in “autoload>psr-4”.

After adding this, run this command: “composer dump-autoload”.

5. Creating Service Provider

Next, create a service provider file under your “Packages/digital/calc/src” directory and don’t forget to use your namespace “Vendor\Package_name”. Basically service provider is the main entry of your package. This is where your package is loaded or booted.

6. Configure Service Provider

Next, open “Config/app.php” file and add your service provider inside the “Providers array []”.

7. Create Routes For Package

Next, inside of your “src” folder create a new “routes.php” file and write the following code:

Then go to your Service Provider and add the “routes.php” inside “boot ()” method:

After this, run command “php artisan serve” and enter the URL in your browser. This we should end up with the page look like:

8. Creating Controller For Package

Inside the packages directory under “src” folder create a new Controller file:

Under this “CalculatorController.php” file don’t forget to include your package namespace and also include the “App\Http\Controllers\Controller;”

9. Register The Controller

After creating the controller we need to register the controller inside our Service Provider class in “register ()” method.

Next, add routes for this controller inside “routes.php” file:

10. Creating Views For Package

To create a view, we need create a “views” folder inside “packages/digital/calc/src” directory then create an “app.blade.php” file inside view folder.

After creating “add.blade.php”, write following code:

11. Register The Views

We need to register the views inside our Service Provider class in “boot ()” method.

12. Navigate Browser

After creating controller, views and register into service provider then navigate the browser look like:

  • Addition:
  • Multiply: